Kappa Eta Kappa: Iota Chapter


Welcome to Iota Chapter

Kappa Eta Kappa is a Co-Ed Engineering and Science Fraternity. Iota chapter resides in Saint Cloud, MN. We seek to create well rounded indviduals who seek to futher the technology world. There is more to a person then himself. No one is an island. We group together to support each other in our feilds. By doing so we go father together than we would have on our own. We have respected members in the technolgy industry all over the United States.


Iota Chapter is currently recruiting new members. See the About Us section for more info. We are currently developing this webpage and not all features are avaliable.

New Members of KHK: Iota Spring 2017

November, 17th 2017

Congratulations to our newest members!
Nicol Buttons
Ken Gatera
Hari Shrestha
Itang Wang